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Building the TurboStude

5/11/2021: As you look through this stuff, remember that I wrote it 21 years ago. Some of the prose and pics are scrambled or lost entirely. The red highlighted stuff when clicked, will usually not work, but much of it is represented in the gallery pics at the bottom of each chapter. I do apologize for my sloppy workmanship and welds. You must accept that this was a “proof in concept” effort done by a self taught fabricator, and that my abilities have improved since then! Subsequently, a similar engine resulted in 3 land speed records in a heavier car. It was a more elegant effort which still is running in the Tribaker .

Summary of what each chapter contains……

1)   Why this engine, Where it lives, To improve on things, The block, My Goal

2)   The turbo I used,  Why this turbo?,  Blow-Thru, The blow-off valve.

3)   Putting it all together,  The manifold,  Exhaust/turbo flange,  The Intake manifold,  The 1st carb used,  The fuel pump

4)   The radiator,  The oiling system,  The wheels,  The clutch,   The starter,  The overdrive.

5)   Dropping it in…

6)   Diary:  5/11/00 thru 6/21/00

7)   6/22/00 thru 10/15/00.

8)   12/2/00   to 12/17/00 Revision in a major way: AFB, manifold changes,adding waste-gate stuff, boost control valve

9) 12/28/00 to 1/14/01Funky Hobbs switch, regulator mount, blow-off valve#2,testing pneumatics, fuel pressure gauge

10) 1/16/01 to 2/22/01  Some updates and conjecture on calculations of HP, ET, MPH, piston speed. Some rumination on manifold design, and my attempt at a variable plenum/runner manifold.

11) 2/22/01   The Mk II version of the carb spacer plate with H2O injection and air injection to seal the carb.  Buttoning the whole thing back together.  The Vortex tube discussion.

12) 3/5/01   A remarkable discovery and musings over my advance curve.  Modifying a vacuum control for boost retard.

13)  4/15/01 and beyond  Plumbing in the air filter on the “cool side” of town.   Preparing for takeoff….again.

14)  5/26/01   Takeoff….again.  Dialing in to make it practical.

15)  6/20/01   Finding the culprit, and the suspense of getting to Back to the 50’s a second time!

16)  7/30/01   Red Wing and into the fall.

17)  9/7/01   Piston slap, more dialing

18) 11/1/01  A hood for the hood….. a new air hat

19)  11/12/01   More air hat, regulator woes,  Oz Cheek’s Holley regulator mod for fuel return, heater blower

20)  12/19/01  Drilling holes in carbs and more advance monkeybusiness

21)  2/19/02  Diddling with the timing and catastrophe!

22) 4/1/02  Up on blocks, replacing radiator,adding electric fan and seats, disk brakes and heavy clutch

23) 6/10/02  Back on the road again, ready for trouble

24) 7/1/02 Back to the 50’s and beyond

25) 10/02 Building a belt drive turbo

26) 12/02 Winter Fun 

27) 1/03 to 10/03 Further escapades

28) Epilogue (for now….)

Article on Turbocharging the Stude six

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