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Chapter 28: Epilogue (for now….)

Well, it’s the early summer of 2006, and I am revising the website and bringing it back to a place where it can be more easily found.  It has been hiding at the tail end of

The TurboStude itself has been lanquishing in the same relative location, though it is in a pole barn, not a buried server file.  I did get the new air-hat and air straightener to work.  When last run, it was obvious that I should re-index the bell-housing and rebuild the turbo.  Better go over the steering linkage again too, as the car is getting dangerously fast….

Not sure when I’ll get to it, as I still need to go over 150mph with the Salt2Salt car, and we are scheduled on the salt in August.  Maybe after that, I’ll have some time.  One way or the other, I have proved that the lowly Champion motor can be made a screamer!  Our engine dyno run on the 185 ” version yielded 231 hp, 289 ft/lbs torque at 17+ pounds of boost.  Give it a try….and let me know how it worked!

5/10/2021 Now 15 years later, I am again resurrecting this website. TurboStude has been resting all this time, but will soon go to a new caretaker. Here are some pics saving the past and documenting the present before it leaves….

Explaining what I did to gawkers…

The engine from the Salt2Salt car has a new home in a 1937 Studebaker roadster and lives on…. breathing Propane! If you have not grown tired of my adventures, there are 30+ chapters over there:



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