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Chapter 5: Dropping it in…

Well, I dialed in the bell-housing and screwed er’ together.  Next came dropping it in the car….


I will be continuing this saga after assembling the pieces above over the next few weeks. At this point, my big questions will be: 

1) How much gating is necessary? Ted says I’ve got enough.                                                                                  

2) Where is the best place to take off an oil line to lubricate the turbo.  I solved that problem….                                                                                                    

3) Which carburetor will turn out to be the best one.                                        

4) Whether or not I should invest in four oxygen sensors, one over each portion of the exhaust manifold since this is an unusual installation which may require some careful fiddling to prevent melt-down.                                 

5) The Edmunds aluminum head is about 8.5:1 C.R. and is really cool, however I’m concerned about leakage and detonation.  Should I be concerned? Apparently so…..

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